Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aww shucks

While I was out studying at Starbucks (can one truly study at Starbucks?) the gentleman beside me started a conversation, you know, "What are you studying" blah blah blah...but it wasn't far into the convo before he dropped a "you are so gorgeous!" followed by a "seriously, you should model", then a little bit o "my goodness, just look at your cheekbones" and before you knew it, my ego went straight through the roof. I think he was gay...straight men just seem to lack the vernacular depth to include word and phrases such as "the depth of your profile" and "lip symmetry". Anywhoo, this guy totally made my day, and I probably won't think about getting a nose job for at least a few weeks. 

And in the name of shakin' what your mama gave you:

Any beauty that I do  have I owe to 23 of this beautiful lady's chromosomes. Doesn't this pic just make you think of words like swell, swoon, and dreamy? 

1 comment:

Betina said...

I love that picture of Mom but it also makes me sad.

I really need the Auntie machine, btw.