Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Alone

This week has been oh so quiet. Sabba was gone on a business trip for a whole week, and Emilia is always gone anyways, so I was home alone for the whole week. I mean, of course I went to class and saw my friends at school, but my evening hours were spent with the man who takes up most of my time - Dexter. Me and Dexter always do cool things together. Like x-rays and scaling. I've scaled Dexter's posteriors and anteriors more times than I care to think about. He is a very lucky man. My favorite part to scale is Dexter's quad 2 Buccal. I could scale that quad in my sleep, baby. He sits with me on the bus, and doesn't mind all the radiation I expose him to. You're a good man, Dexter. 

So on Friday, when I was doing my hair to go out with the girls, I was a little disappointed when Kristin and Sara called to bail. I was really looking forward to getting some time away from Dexter. ( Sometimes he gets on my nerves ). And then boy called. 

* Aside. This is not the same boy as previously blogged. 

Now, I kid you not, but it was only the day before that I spoke to boy about how I don't think it's a good idea for us to do something this weekend, how I do not want a boyfriend, how I don't want to lead him on, so on and so forth. And then he calls me the next day as though he woke up with his memory erased. "Hey, what are you doing tonight?".  Well, it turns out that ignoring uncomfortable conversations with someone is a pretty successful technique to get them to go out with you again. Cause I did. But it was only a movie. And I just did my hair. And I was dying to talk to/see someone outside of school. 

And now, Sabba is back home, thank goodness. She usually stops me from doing stupid things like that. I made her a yummy welcome back dinner of George Chicken, brown rice with tomatoes, and leftover vegetable drawer salad. And homemade strawberry shortcake, of which we ate plenty. With Sabba home, this week should (hopefully) be more successful in thwarting off boys of little interest. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to Reality

Just got back from P's wedding. It was so much fun, and I'll admit I got a little teary-eyed watching Patience and Dan being all googly with each other. For the entire Payne clan to get together, it takes a lot of work, especially now with all the kiddies in the picture, so when it does happen, it is monumental. And so much fun.

Although it may have appeared that this wedding was the main event of the weekend, I am here to correct you. The real reason Patience and Dan got married was so that I could meet the much talked about boy. Margie and Eve definitely had their own agenda for me and this boy, and I was but a puppet with my strings being pulled. Not that I minded. Except when boy made me late for the reception. Payne's are NOT late! It was very hard for me to concentrate on looking beautiful while my eye was twitching and my blood was boiling with the anxiety of being late for family pictures. Worse than me, I can only imagine Papa Payne's eyes bulging out of their sockets at the thought of me being late because I am alone with boy in car. It ended up being totally fine, as it always does, and I suppose it was a good exercise in trying to keep my cool. 

And now, after a fabulous weekend of being whisked away to wedding parties and playing with the kiddies, I have to come back to my reality of sitting on the bus and going to school with no boys to speak of. Sigh. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another complaint about the weather...

Well, not just the weather, but more that I have to trek through the wet tundra of the greater Toronto area to get to school. And the fact that the City of Mississauga recently cut it's budget, and decided that clearing sidewalks is not a priority. So, when there is a snowstorm, like there was this morning, I really have no choice but to walk on the road. Hopping through the 2 feet of snow on the sidewalk was simply not an option for me. I suppose every choice has a consequence, and today, that consequence for me was that this ate me for breakfast:

Also, on the bus this morning, a very pregnant woman with long nails was picking her nose very slowly and deliberately. She would then proceed to wipe her boogies on the kleenex in her other hand. Could you please do these sorts of things in private, and not on public transit? Thanks. I'd appreciate it.