Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

How weird is this? Some religious guy promoting tanning beds? 

I suppose it's one thing for the Rev to proclaim his love for the rays, but it's a completely other ball game when he gets a team together to mock up some posters and distribute them to tanning salons. Is this a church trying to reach out to a new demographic, or is it the tanning salons trying to attract a different kind of customer? Wait...maybe tanning salons and Reverend Carl are co-conspirators and skin cancer is the new blue kool-aid!!!!!!!! Eeeegaadd! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Fair!

Pharm was my most challenging course this past semester (besides Clinic, but let's not get into that).  One of the last questions on our 130 multiple choice final was:

128.  Which one of these statements is incorrect?

a) ASA is not an anticoagulant*

* Okay, so I don't remember what b, c and d were, but that's only because I only needed to know the one correct answer.

I don't think teachers should be allowed to abuse double negatives in final exams. After 127 questions about parasympathomimetics, HMG coA reductase inhibitors, ACE inhibitors, barbituates and nonbarbituates and  carbamezipines, Dr. Mohanta's use of these negations nearly caused my brain to spontaneously combust. Which is just the sort of thing she gets off of, I'm sure.