Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aww shucks

While I was out studying at Starbucks (can one truly study at Starbucks?) the gentleman beside me started a conversation, you know, "What are you studying" blah blah blah...but it wasn't far into the convo before he dropped a "you are so gorgeous!" followed by a "seriously, you should model", then a little bit o "my goodness, just look at your cheekbones" and before you knew it, my ego went straight through the roof. I think he was gay...straight men just seem to lack the vernacular depth to include word and phrases such as "the depth of your profile" and "lip symmetry". Anywhoo, this guy totally made my day, and I probably won't think about getting a nose job for at least a few weeks. 

And in the name of shakin' what your mama gave you:

Any beauty that I do  have I owe to 23 of this beautiful lady's chromosomes. Doesn't this pic just make you think of words like swell, swoon, and dreamy? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bus Balancing

I don't own a Wii. I don't own the Wii-Fit program, balance board, tennis racquet or heart monitors to go with it. I DO commute daily on the bus, where I can practice stabilizing my core by not holding onto any rails (easy to do on a crowded bus where the hand rail is up way high) and fighting to maintain my balance against the inertia and/or obese children around me. For more of a challenge, I throw on a backpack complete with a large fluid filled Nalgene bottle to throw off the distribution of the weight. Seriously, it's a great exercise. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

odds and eggs

All I've wanted to eat for dinner the past couple of weeks are scrambled eggs with cheese. I've already gone through a dozen eggs since I've been back from holidays. Tasty tasty eggs. I know this is a lot of cholesterol, so I gotta cut back.

In related news, I just signed up for my very first half marathon! I'm very excited, very nervous, and will surely be biting the dust of my experienced, seasoned running sisters. I can live with that, I've always been a runt. But to be in a cool city (Seattle has been pumping out kick ass musicians for years) with my sisters in the summer, with my glimmering diamond sweat running down my *hopefully* toned body parts...well excuse me I'll just stop right there. Ahh forget it, I'm off to scramble some eggs.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick Day

After catching Eve's cold from hell and not sleeping all night, I took a sick day today. 

Besides partaking in lots of Rest and Fluids, here's how I spent my day so far:

  • Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's; sent out positive thinking waves to the universe in hopes of becoming as stylish and skinny as Holly Golightly
  • Created all possible concoctions of peppermint, chamomile, ginger, honey and lemon
  • Napped on and off in a nest of tissues, a deena, vaseline and sudoku books
  • Looked in the mirror. Screamed
  • Searched for pho soup delivery. Failed. 
  • Sneezed loud enough to cause uncertainty and a feeling of impending doom for all residents of the 8th floor