Wednesday, January 14, 2009

odds and eggs

All I've wanted to eat for dinner the past couple of weeks are scrambled eggs with cheese. I've already gone through a dozen eggs since I've been back from holidays. Tasty tasty eggs. I know this is a lot of cholesterol, so I gotta cut back.

In related news, I just signed up for my very first half marathon! I'm very excited, very nervous, and will surely be biting the dust of my experienced, seasoned running sisters. I can live with that, I've always been a runt. But to be in a cool city (Seattle has been pumping out kick ass musicians for years) with my sisters in the summer, with my glimmering diamond sweat running down my *hopefully* toned body parts...well excuse me I'll just stop right there. Ahh forget it, I'm off to scramble some eggs.

1 comment:

Patience said...

You are a runt. Ha! JK. I can't seem to get off my one egg for breakfast with toast for the life of me. But you know, it's good protein. And I recently read that we should be eating more eggs as they are a superfood, and I quote "cholestorol schmestorol". Keep scrambling those tasty tasty eggs.