Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bus Balancing

I don't own a Wii. I don't own the Wii-Fit program, balance board, tennis racquet or heart monitors to go with it. I DO commute daily on the bus, where I can practice stabilizing my core by not holding onto any rails (easy to do on a crowded bus where the hand rail is up way high) and fighting to maintain my balance against the inertia and/or obese children around me. For more of a challenge, I throw on a backpack complete with a large fluid filled Nalgene bottle to throw off the distribution of the weight. Seriously, it's a great exercise. 


Patience said...

i really enjoy the obese children bit.

Betina said...

You may want to snap some shots of the fat kids. Espeically they boys. Don't we all have a soft spot for chubby boys?

I can't wait to run the half with you. We will likely be at the same pace as running a half so soon after birth may be more than I bargained for.