Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another complaint about the weather...

Well, not just the weather, but more that I have to trek through the wet tundra of the greater Toronto area to get to school. And the fact that the City of Mississauga recently cut it's budget, and decided that clearing sidewalks is not a priority. So, when there is a snowstorm, like there was this morning, I really have no choice but to walk on the road. Hopping through the 2 feet of snow on the sidewalk was simply not an option for me. I suppose every choice has a consequence, and today, that consequence for me was that this ate me for breakfast:

Also, on the bus this morning, a very pregnant woman with long nails was picking her nose very slowly and deliberately. She would then proceed to wipe her boogies on the kleenex in her other hand. Could you please do these sorts of things in private, and not on public transit? Thanks. I'd appreciate it. 

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Iris said...


At a figure skating thing, I once sat next to a lady who was flossing. Food particles were flying everywhere I am sure.

Why would people do stuff like that in public?