Friday, December 21, 2007

Home for Christmas

Tomorrow morning, very very early, I will be on a plane heading to Edmonton International, and I am so excited to see my family! I can't wait to see how much Mina-bean has grown, and what new words Abby has added to her lexicon. I can't wait to stay up really late every night talking to my sisters, and to run wild in the Payne house. I can't wait to hang out in Edmonton, a city that I actually know, where the streets are numbered. 

Although everyone at school is anxious to go home for Christmas break, as I was tearing my room apart packing tonight, I realized that I am actually a little bit sad to not see my Mississauga peeps for a couple of weeks. Rania, who insists on driving me everywhere, and thinks that walking even to the grocery store is a daunting task. I am her token white friend, and she finds it amazing that I know what falafel is. Claire, my 46 year old Taiwanese class mate, who I always trade snacks with and give her tips on how to deal with her 14 year old daughter. Sabba, my roomate, who always makes me dinner and who forbids any contact with the ex. I don't think I'll miss the guy who lives upstairs though; and his Friday-night-dance-with- your-cowboy-boots-on-put-red-lightbulbs-in-the-fixtures-really-bad-dance-music parties. This is a weekly event, with only one attendee. His middle-aged self. It's very strange. 

Anyways, I'm so excited to see you all!  Merry Christmas everyone!


Eve said...

it was sooo nice to see you nunu! There is a guy in my apartment complex that blares his music every weekend... maybe we should introduce him to your cowboy counterpart. They could make sweet music together :) See you at poopies wedding and travel safe!

Patience said...

hope your sleep-over went well :)
post about Christmas soon!!