Saturday, December 1, 2007


This is my first post, and I will admit, it's typical. I have just ended a 3yr relationship, and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I'm trying to occupy my time with...well, anything really. I promise this will be the ONLY post on this subject, so bear with me as I digress.

One thing that can really help or set you back with moving on is music. Did you ever notice that every song ever written falls under either one of two categories? That would be 1- breaking up, or 2- falling in love. It's not so bad really, except that I find myself connecting with artists like Timbaland ( featuring One Republic )  and Gloria Gaynor. Embarrassing, yes. But it just feels so good to belt out in the shower, " It's too late to apologize, it's too laaaaate ". 

 Maybe this is where Eminem went wrong. He probably just went through a break-up, no different than the rest of us, and got sick of all the damn love songs on the radio. Can you really blame the guy?

Something else that can really help, surprisingly, are those inspirational tabs on the Yogi-tea bags. Last night, I pulled the tea-bag out of my mug and read " Self reliance conquers all difficulties." I am so lucky to have my sisters and friends encouragement  and support, but sometimes, it helps to hear it from the hard worker at the tea factory whose job it is to type out those words and then somehow staple that tiny little tab to the string. I'd like to think he/she knew that tab would reach me, and made sure it didn't say something like " Life's a bitch. " Thanks, tea-bag-tab guy.


serinda said...


I get to be the first to comment on your blog! I probably won't comment very often though, because I hate having to sign in and out, I just do not get enough time on the puter to go through the hassle.

I agree about the song thing, they are either love songs, or break up songs. Although, lately Abby and I have gotten into opera. We listen to English versions. It is so funny, because you would think it is very serious and meaningful, the way the Italians go on, but really it is just funny. Abby's favourite is the barber of seville, and we sing it very loudly in the car together. It is about how this barber is so popular, and everyone wants to go to him, and how he is just the greatest barber ever. I reccomend it to get your mind off of things.

Eve said...

welcome to the blog world nunu!!! i look forward to keeping in touch this way!!