Saturday, December 8, 2007

Friday Night

There is nothing like being single to make you feel hot again. My roomate, Saba, who is the coolest chic, invited me to be her date for her work's Christmas party. It was an awesome dinner and a dance, and everyone got their own hotel rooms. It was so much fun! I bought the sexiest shoes that put me at a whopping 5'3. Definitely came in handy when I met Dan ( I know, there's too many Dan's in this family ). He is soooo unbelievably good looking, Italian, but not creepy Italian, because he was raised in Canada, and 6'5.  We just talked all night, I wasn't looking for anything more than that, obviously. But wow, I have forgotten that feeling. Ok, don't laugh, but he still lives with his parents at 24. I don't know how I attract these mama's boys, they just come to me, I swear. The whole night was so much fun, and exactly what I needed to remind me that I'm gonna be ok. Thanks, Saba!

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