Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Torrential Downpour Blues

I have still not completely adjusted to life in Ontario. I know that it's still a province of The True North Strong and Free, but it feels much, much different than the plains of Alberta. For one thing, did you know that they sell milk in bags here?!?! Eecchhh! I'm not a big on the cow's juice in the first place, but this packaging they came up with just turns me right off. And the weather! I mean, there's snow, but the grass is still green. And it rains. All. The. Time. The second I step into the shower, my fingers start to prune. Before, this would only happen during the last 10minutes of Monday Night Family swims. Last night, we were experiencing what I thought was a gentle, calming winter rain. My room was rather stuffy from my Christmas absence, so I opened my window ever so slightly so that I could fall asleep to the pitter patter. ( I like to pretend I'm Bambi sometimes ). Little did I know this was just the prelude to today's symphony of torrential madness. If I didn't have my pre-clinic manual and set of fake teeth weighing me down this morning, I honestly think that I'd be tangled in some Atlantic-Eastern current which would have spit me back out at the Bermuda Triangle. 

Side note - I carry my instruments and teeth in a see-through container. This is constantly bringing me a lot of 'she's a total weirdo looks'. My favorite is when someone has to sit by me on the bus and I get the ' Oh great, why do I always have to end up sitting by the creepy tooth girl' look. I try to make sure to fall asleep on those people. 

Here's to hoping tomorrow is dryer and doesn't knock me down!


Patience said...

I just hear the weather for your part of the true north strong and free, and more rain! I like that you like to pretend you are bambi. i like to pretend i am the emperor from "the emperor's new groove"... lol.

Betina said...

Go to a tanning booth, just for the LIGHT. It will make you feel better.... Bambi :)

Iris said...

Nunu - I am in Vancouver and the rain makes me want to stay in bed and never leave. BRUTAL

Take vitamin D, it may be the placebo effect, but I think it helps.