Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been dreaming more often lately. Or at least, I have been remembering my dreams more often than I usually do. Here's a taste of my subconscious from the past week. 

- One of the girls from school, I can't remember who, ate the rest of my peanut butter. My organic, delicious, chunky peanut butter that I had forgotten about and discovered in the back of the cupboard just a few days earlier. I gave random girls at class the stink-eye the next day for their dream crime. Just kidding.

- After studying occlusion and crossbites all week, and how oral habits such as tongue thrusting can affect them, I dream about my teeth being horribly misaligned and wake up convincing myself that I can't be a dental hygienist with bad teeth. Because sometimes if I'm nervous, I chew on my tongue. I know it's weird and gross, and I'm trying to stop so that it won't affect my bite. 

- I dreamt that I was an RA at Augustana, and my partner RA was Rudi. It was a crappy dream, because it made me think about ex-boy for the first time in a long time. And cafeteria food. 
- These dreams are usually set to a steady beat of a female voice saying " X-ray " over and over. And over. 

I like it better when I don't remember my dreams. It really weirds me out how what happens to you in real life can squeeze in there. I much prefer a peaceful, undisturbed and dreamless sleep. 

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