Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Difference Between Having a Fat Bum and Being a Fat Bum

One of the great things about living in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area ) is the cultural diversity. Having grown up in Small Town, Northern Alberta, the only other ethnicities I ever really saw was the single black family in town and the really nice Chinese family that have ( I stand corrected, 'had' ) a monopoly on the Sawridge Plaza food courts. 

Now, I am usually the only white person wherever I go. It is very cool to be able to put a name and face to countries that I would have otherwise just referred to as 'somewhere in Euro-Asia'. These wonderful, multilingual, international friends of mine bring with them the traditions of their country, of which I am so grateful. For instance, the $3 eyebrow thread of the Indian people. And the $2 falafel of the Middle East. I love them all!

Today as I was walking to my bus stop, a gentleman, in all seriousness, asked me to explain to him what a 'fat bum' means. He had to be at least 35, and was wearing a business suit, and just wanted some help because his English wasn't very good. I couldn't stop laughing, I kept looking for cameras to zoom in on my reaction or something. I then had to explain the difference between ' You are a fat bum ' and ' You have a fat bum '. And I also defined the word 'bump' for him, and to not confuse it with 'bum'. Apparently some juvenile delinquents had yelled this at him earlier, and he was unfamiliar with the slang. After he finally ended the conversation, I looked like a complete idiot on the bus ride home trying to quell my laughter. 

Now, I'm home, and I can fully let my laughter out and share it with you!


Betina said...


BTW - There were a lot of Lebanese people in SL. Also Natives.

Compared to wehre I live, SL was an international Mecca!

Patience said...

ha ha ha ha ha. i am laughing so hard in my office right now....

having or being? ahhh haa haa...