Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As Per P's Request

Patience complained that I don't blog enough for her liking, and went as far as to suggest a topic, so here you go Poo!

I love my name, it's very unique and I think it suits me pretty well. It is somewhat of a conversation starter (aka:TIME WASTER) when all I wanna do is order pizza or get a coffee. Those times, I use a fake name, usually Katie or Sara. The other day I tried Maggie on for size, but the store keep thought I said Meghan. So I guess it happens with normal named people too. 

A few years back, I was starting to get really tired of talking to people about my name. I'd quickly bark back the answers to the questions I knew were coming and roll my eyes. I say that only because every single person I've ever met asks the exact same questions.  "Oh what a beautiful name! Where does it come from? How did your parents choose that name? Do you know what it means? It's just so unique! Blah blah blah!", and I would feign interest and flattery. 

So now, if I don't lie about my name to the barista, I lie about the background of my name. It's a lot more fun for me, and it's really funny to see what new stuff I can make up and what people believe. Last Sunday my name was Ukrainian and my mother was an immigrant, from whom I got the name. Yesterday, to the shoe guy, I was a Native girl from the Sawridge tribe who chose not to obtain my status. Even though I'm whiter than snow, I quite often have people believing I'm half South American/Native/insert your favorite culture here. But I get my fair skin from my Scottish father, of course. Now when I have to talk to someone knew, I'm genuinely interested. I wanna see how the heck this story ends just as much as they do! 

I suggest you try making up stories about yourself. You might just find yourself much more interesting and ethnic.

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Patience said...

So you even go down a little South American way!?!! Hee hee.... I love this post.