Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Last night I attended Debbie's 50th birthday party, which was so much fun. She is the secretary at our school, and I always share my baking with her in turn for first pick of clients. Not crazy, booze filled, can't remember anything the next morning kind of fun, but fun nonetheless. She had some family over, and a neighbor, and there were great amounts of spicy Indian food with meats of unknown delicious origin. I wanted to ask what kind of meat it was, but I thought that might be rude, no? I arrived around 6pm, but we didn't start eating until 10:30pm, birthday cake even later. I think this may be part of the Indian culture. Children were present, and I overheard the parents mentioning that said children, ages 3 and 10, had napped earlier in the day so they could come over. 

Long story short, I got home much later than expected and slept through my alarm. I had previously arranged for a ride from a boy, and had to cancel. In my sleepy state, I agreed to go over later for lunch with his family and a Family Ties marathon. Now this boy is nice enough, but I have zero attraction or interest in him that way. For me to meet the family over traditional French Onion Soup Sunday and participate in marathon watching of the beloved childhood memory kind would just be misleading. Right?  To be fair, I did have an assignment to tackle, and I would like to think that I would commit myself to my homework even if I were interested in him (but who I am kidding). I feel like a total b word for bailing over txt message, but wouldn't it be worse if I went over with a 'let's just get this over with' attitude? 

Must be more assertive. Scowl more, smile less.

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Patience said...

yes, bring the prickles on! there is no shame in it, otherwise you will date a million people you never wanted too. just ask my friend bekah.