Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tough Love

At Betina's request, here is a taste of Nunu's tough lovin' as of late...

Friday night with Boy:
N - "Thanks for taking me out, friend, I had a good time."
Boy - " You always call me 'friend'. I'm not your friend! You say it all the time just to put up this wall between us and remind me that I'll never have you! "
N - " I could call you pal, if you like. "

Saturday night, Boy took me to an unnecessarily violent movie with a weak plot, no character development, and a lot of pointless killing and close up shots of heads being blown off. I was covering my eyes through half the movie and growing more pissed with each shooting. While walking to the car...

Boy - " Thanks for sitting through that, I guess I owe you a couple chick flicks now. "
N - " Mmm hmm."

Car ride home...

Boy - " So its supposed to rain all weekend "
N - " Mmm hmm. "
11 minutes and 26 seconds later...
Boy - " There were a lot of recognizable face in the movie "
N - " Mmm hmm. "

Then he asked to take me out for breakfast...
N - " I'm pretty sure I'm still pissed "

The day after that...
Boy - " My weekend was terrible, I really wanted to take you out for breakfast. Please let me take you out again, if I could be so lucky! "
N - " Hmm."

Betina likened me unto Anne Boelyn with my bittersweet brand of tough, Nunuliscious lovin', and that I had better be careful, or it might just be off with my head. 


'Night Moves' Freedom Jackson said...

I think I laughed for about 3 minutes straight over this blog, Nunu. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a single girl in a big city with all these creepers hitting on you and pissing you off on dates. Can you think of any movies with plots that are similar to your plight?

Betina said...

Your head is way too cute to chop off. So don't worry.