Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Heart Scarves

I am home alone this long weekend, and can only look at so many pictures of diseases of the mouth before I needed a break. So I decided to catalogue my scarf collection and wanted to share it with you. Yknow, for insurance purposes. Here are all the scarves I own, in no specific order, each with a story of its own. 

This is my most recent addition, from my San Fransisco-Eve visit. It doesn't have any fond memory associated with it yet, its still just a baby love scarf. And that is my kick ass name tag. It makes me feel important.

This was bought from a vintage shop in Camrose, and I adore the silk and paisley pattern. This scarf is purely decorational. When Bunny recently visited, we were just out the door and I said  "Wait, it might be cold, let me get a scarf", and returned with this one. She scoffed. 

This scarf is in the top 3. It is warm and pretty. Me and my good friend Jill waited in line outside the Edmonton H&M on opening day, and when they opened the doors and released us hungry wolves inside, it was one of the first things I grabbed. It has lots of coffee stains on it, and I also wore it at Patience's Winter Wonderland Wedding.

This scarf is ok. I bought it on sale at the Jacob Outlet. 

This scarf is the one that started it all! Patience went to Paris for a few months and returned bearing gifts, and in doing so, marked the beginning of my addiction. I don't wear it a lot, to be honest I'm not crazy about the dusty-rose shade, but love it because it was the first. A girl always remember her first.

This is my hippy love-child scarf, and I usually wear it in my hair like this. I rocked this look when we were in Nice when I had ugly-salty-ocean-sunscreen-my-north-american-styling-tools-do-not-work-in-Europe hair. It has a certain smell to it.

I bought this scarf in green for Bunny. I wore it in my hair and went camping with some Camrose friends, but left it in while I slept and almost choked.

Hey, I forgot I had this one! Will incorporate it into my look this week.

This is for when I'm feeling royal.

This scarf is ugly but very warm. I wish I knew how to quit you.

I really love this one. I've always been drawn to this mustard-yellow shade. I left it at Betina's once. It was a lonely couple of months full of uncertainty. I wore this scarf last night and scored myself a client, woohoo! Way to go yellow scarf.

This one is from Paris. Okay, okay, it's from the Zara's in Paris, and I'm sure that in the Summer 2006 season that Zara's the world over had this scarf in stock, but I don't like to think about that.

Boys always kiss me when I wear this scarf. Its the most magical thing I own, but as we have all learnt from Harry Potter, magical objects with a mind of their own are not to be trusted. 

I wore this scarf to a Gwen Stefani concert, but unfortunatley, I ate and drank and was very merry in the pre-concert jubilee and had to go home before Gwen even made it on stage. Just ask Serinda for the details. 
This is a classic black scarf from American Apparel. In their ads, they have emancipated girls wearing it as a dress or a tube top, but I just stick to wearing it this way.

*Author's Note - I also have a beautiful golden scarf from Ethiopia, but it is cut in such a way of which I'm not familiar, so I drape it over a tupperware bin and ta-da! Nightstand!


Betina said...

Wait a minute. Where is your Ethiopian scarf?

I bought a great scarf in Norway, so now I have 2.

Patience said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I laugh out loud right now. My favorite is the magical object scarf. I need to get back on the scarf wagon. Beep beep, here I come!

Eve said...

Time for a new blog nawana licious!!! I wanna hear wants happening with yoU!